Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Treat Bags for toddlers & Daycare Teachers

My son is having a fall party tomorrow at his daycare so I decided to make some treat bags for his friends and all of the teachers. I decided to just run to walmart and grab all my supplies. I stopped by CVS first but they didn't have much halloween stuff left.

For his teachers I grabbed 4 bags of candy. I got the teachers Hershey's, Starburst, Lifesaver gummy's, and Reeses. Had to have a balance of chocolate and fruity candy!! :o) I also added in a Chex mix Golden Graham bar. I bought like 10 boxes of those a few mega events ago.

For the children I decided to go with a juice box, fruit snack, and lil can of playdough. I wanted to give them a healthier option!!! :o)

I also wanted to add a little personal touch by tying the bags with orange & black metallic ribbon. I printed off these adorable gift tag labels and wrote the teachers name along with Keaton's name. For the toddler bags I just wrote "Happy Halloween". You can print the tags off here.

Supplies Purchased:
(2) Gift Bags $3.00 ($.10 per bag)
Curling Ribbon $3.00
Candy $7.00 (9 bags worth $.78 each)
Playdough $4 (20 cans total $.20 each)

Supplies on Hand:
Gift Tags (free)
Juice Boxes (from stockpile $.13 per juice box )
Fruit Snacks (from stockpile maybe $.05 per pack)
Golden Graham Bars (from stockpile $.08 per bar)

Cost of Teacher Bags:
$.96 each x 9= $8.64

Cost of Toddler Bags:
$.48 each x 10 = $4.80

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  1. Adorable!! I miss all these great opportunities now that my kids are older. I bet Keaton will be so excited to take his giftbags to "school"! :)


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