Thursday, October 21, 2010

10/20 Save A Lot Shopping $11.82

I was driving home from work and really wanted a baked potato!!! But I didn't have potatoes, bacon bits, or sour cream. So I decided to head to Save A Lot.

If you want a quick and easy place to go and not have to full with coupons this is a great place to go. I don't shop there very often but I knew I could prob get most items I needed for cheap.

5lb Potatoes $2.49
Ripe Bananas $0.51 x 2 = $1.02 ( I will use these for ban bread)
Yogurt $0.55 x 2= $1.10 (my toddler wanted it)
Chicken Broth $0.59 x 2= $1.18 (for chicken pot pie)
Pie Crust $1.99 (for chicken pot pie)
Onion Soup Mix $0.79 (got it to try in a recipe)
Onion $0.86
Sour Cream $0.99 (could of prob gotten a better deal with a coupon... but it's ok!!)
McCormick Bacon Bits $1.29

Total Spent: 11.71

All in all very happy with my total. With all the things I bought I will be able to make a few loaves of banana bread, chicken pot pie, and several baked potatoes!!! :o)

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  1. mandy. I really like your blog concept. and I would like to read more...I do just have one suggestion. can you change the color of your font? its really hurting my eyes...


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