Thursday, October 21, 2010

10/19 Kroger Shopping Trip #1 saved 67%

I waited until the VERY LAST day of the two week long mega event. :o) What can I say I procrastinate!!! I got all of my coupon match ups from The Big Red Pot!!!

Anyway I won't get into great detail since these deals are already over.

But a few things that I got for FREE were:
8 Yakisoba Meals
10 Cream Cheese
2 Coffee Mates

Cheap Items:
Mac N Cheese $0.25 each
Side Shots $0.49 each
Juicy Juice $0.99 each!!!

I bought a total of 59 items averaging to $0.68 each!!!! :o)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE mega events!!!!!!!!!

My total spent was $40.20
And I saved: $82.83 or 67%

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  1. You did amazing! Way to go! I wish this weeks Mega Event was better, but at least there are some really great freebies to be had :) Thanks for sharing, I absolutely LOVE seeing y'alls deals!


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