Friday, November 19, 2010

Super Savings Saturday saved 77%

I didn't do too much shopping this week. I've been super tired from the time change. I hate that it's dark when I get off work at 5. I grabbed my FREE newspapers from Wags this week. I used $8 in RR to pay for them.

Spent: $0
Saved: $8 or 100%

Also... for some reason I like to wait until the very last day of sales to grab my items. I had 2 LONG weeks to go shopping at the last Kroger Mega Event... but of course... I wait til the last day to go shopping. I won't go into details since these deals are no longer valid.

Spent: $36.62
Saved: $90.49 or 71%
Also earned $5 in Catalina's!!! Woohoo!!! :o)

Total Saved for the week 77%

How did you do for the week?? Link up below!!!


  1. Hey! What size is the bag? I'm going to blog about it right now!


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