Friday, November 26, 2010

Eating Choc Chip Cookies!!! :o)

Yes I have been VERY lazy this week. I will wrap my week up for you!!! :o)

I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

I did very minimal shopping this week... only purchased a 16lb of cat food from Petsmart for $6.65... refer to this post HERE to get the deal.

Grabbed some Diet Dr. Pepper from Kroger and some Pillsbury cookies. I spent $7.92 there. I went to another Kroger in town to grab some more Diet Dr. P but they were out so I grabbed a raincheck. Always... Always get a raincheck if something you really want is out of stock. Rainchecks at Kroger expire 30 days from the day issued.

I've worked my booty off this week. Had tons of clients needing Manicures & Pedicures this week.

Went to my hubby's family for Thanksgiving... ate A LOT of food!!! :o) Will be having another Thanksgiving at my cousin's house tomorrow.

Did some Black Friday shopping ONLINE last night. I wasn't even about to get out in the cold rain!!! I grabbed a digital photo frame for my hubby from, and this morning ordered my hubby 2 computer monitors. Yes... he has to have 2... they are side by side... he's a huge techy!!! lol Also ordered some Lego Duplo's from Walmart for $15 each. I'm officially done with my son's stuff... I bought him WAYYYY too much stuff!!!

Worked all day today... got home... attempted to put our BRAND NEW Christmas tree up... Yeah the top lights didn't work. So I have to return that to Bed Bath & Beyond tomorrow. I'm going to go to Walmart and get a replacement tree.

So that brings us to this moment!!! I think I will look at some Walgreens scenarios for tomorrow!!! I'm not sure anything will be left but I'm always last minute about most of the things I do!!! lol

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  1. Too funny to hear about your hubby being a huge techy. So is mine!!


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