Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kroger Mega Event Trip #1 76% Savings

Wooohoooo it's a start of a new Mega Event!!!! I only bought a few things this trip because I was walking the store comparing prices and seeing if I could find anything else. I got all of my match ups from HERE. Also Bethany does the match ups for the Delta Region.

Trans #1

(2) Garden of Eatin' chips $1.49 x2 = $2.98
There were $1 peelies on the bag
$.49 each!!!!

(4) Kettle Brand Chips $.99 x 4 = $3.96
(2) $1/2 Printable
$.49 each!!!

(4) Horizon Milk 3 packs $1.99 x 4= $7.96
(2) $1 from HERE
(2) $.55 from HERE
$3.76 for 4

Total: $6.70
Saved: $26.00 or 79%

Trans #2

6 Honest Tea = $6.54
used (3) $.50 from HERE
$1/2 Tearpad above product
$2.54 for 6

(4) Finish Dish Det $13.96
used (4) $2.25
$4.96 for 4

Total: $8.16
Saved: $22.00 or 74%

Total Spent: $14.86
Total Saved: $48.00 or 76%


  1. Great Job Mandy! You rocked it out!

  2. Great job! I went today but I'll be going back again. Are the Uncle Ben's rice pounches part of your promotion in your area? There is a catalina coupon $1 on 6 in my area, plus I had $1/2 coupons. The sales for my Kroger store are a bit different than yours, but the Honest tea is a part of ours, thanks for that link-I printed 3 of those coupons.
    I've taken the month of Jan. off with SSSaturday, but I'll be back to posting in Feb.

  3. Jane-- Thanks! :o) I plan to go back and get lots more. I also grabbed 10 monster energy drinks for my hub... they are $.99 and he gets one every morn at the gas station for close to $3!!! Yikes!!! lol

    Yes the uncle ben's rice is part of ours... I have $.75 off coupons not sure if they will work on the pouches or not... will have to check that when I go. But thanks about the catalina info.

    How much is the honest tea in your area? It appears to be $1.09 here... it wasn't marked at my store so I just bought the 6 to find out the price. I know in most areas they are $.75 each. I grabbed some extra tear pad coupons with the $1/2. If you want them I would be happy to send them your way.

    I understand about posting... I might post once a week. lol I mainly just like to show groc trips and coupon breakdowns. Im a visual learner and that's what I like to see!! :o)


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